Pumps : free online Process Engineering Handbook

Process Engineer's Tools has selected here all the key knowledge Engineers working with fluid flow / fluid dynamics need to solve industrial problems or simply get a handy reminder when required. Bookmark the page for future reference !
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Pump Performance characteristics

Introduction to performance characteristics charts of pumps and how to use them

Pump Performance characteristics changes

How performance of the pump changes depending on the circuit it is connected to

Pump Power Requirements calculations

Calculation of the power required for a pump for a give duty

Pump Head

Introduction to pump head, determine the pump head


Introduction to pump NPSH, determine the pump NPSH, design to avoid cavitation

Pump Cavitation

Introduction to pump cavitation, why it happens and how to avoid it

Minimum flow required for centrifugal pumps

Calculation of the minimum flow required in pumps

Pumps full torque load

Calculation of the torque of a pump at full load

Parallel or Series operation

Head and flowrate calculations for pumps in parallel or series